Customer Reviews

Lindsay clearly has excellent expertise and knowledge on house rentals. I found her to be very friendly and professional throughout my interactions with Lindsay. She has been extremely prompt and clear in her communication and I really appreciated that. I would recommend Dove to others as a result of meeting Lindsay.
Grace - landlord
"You guys save me sooo much headache!"
Mr Hussain. Landlord
The entire team are wonderful. Emma has been fantastic throughout our time with Dove and we are so grateful to her, Josh and Lindsay for all they do for us. As a landlord, it really is a great comfort knowing we have an agent who really cares about letting our properties.
Georgia. Ecclesall Road. Landlord.
I am a landlord who became so as a way to secure some sort of income for when I retire (I'm self employed)/put something aside as a college fund for my children. Until a couple of years ago I would have advised anyone thinking of doing so to think again. I found it greatly increased the stress in my life and regretted the decision somewhat, yet with the market collapse have little alternative but to carry on.

That all changed when I started to work with Dove Properties. I realise it really needn't have been the way I suffered prior. Life is so much easier now. My tenants get a much better service than I was able to give them... even though I really did try my best and often gave "inconvenience" discounts because I felt I had not got on top of a problem a quick as I should have. (I have always had good relations with my tenants and this helped ensure they say so).

Dove Properties were actually the second agent I have used. The first was OK but I did feel as though ultimately all problems were still brought to me with me wondering what to do. Dove bring problems to my attention with possible solutions AND the recommended solution. I just need to give the stamp of approval to go ahead. It really is a no brainer. Small items are dealt with as matter of course and I find out about them at statement time (although you can ask to be notified about everything... but as the old saying goes, "why keep a dog and bark yourself?"; please note this is NOT meant to be derogatory).

I was once bestowed with the following information about how to choose a property manager, by a very wise and totally (geographically) unrelated agent:

My own criteria for choosing an agent in an unfamiliar location would be ;

1- `Independant` [not part of a national Chain/Franchise]

2- Have an office close to the property

3- Reasonably long established [10 yrs plus]

4- Good presentation [Website/Office/Advertising]

5- Staff would need to give me confidence when i first spoke with them !

There are a couple of Organisations which may give some comfort if they belong to them [ N.A.E.A.] and [T.P.O -The Property Ombudsman]
Unfortunately membership of either will not in itself guarantee anything much but I guess you would not join either if you intended to rip anyone off !

The first agent I used did not tick all the above boxes and did not quite love up to my expectations. Dove Properties tick ALL the above and have far exceeded my expectations. I've often been a believer in "if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself". However, with Dove, I can honestly say they do it much better than I can do it and they have really made my life far less stressful. They are thorough and have the in depth knowledge of all aspects of renting... as far as I can tell.

Oh, and wondering if you want to hand over a fee to someone else to manage your property? I think you will find that your return, after deduction of fees, increases. Why? Because they can get a better price. Is this fair? Absolutely! The tenants get a far superior and safer service than most standalone landlords can offer. Oh, and gone are the lapses between rental periods. My income, to pay mortgage amongst other things I'd a lot steadier. If course, I shouldn't forget to mention the time... oh the time I have got back!

Thank you to all at Dove Properties!

A well intentioned landlord.
Tariq. Landlord
It has been a pleasure dealing with you. You have instilled in me a sense of confidence about Dove Properties looking after my house and that makes me sleep easier, knowing that I can spend my time looking after my children, responding to the occasional email as and when required. My life just got a while lot easier with you dealing with both properties, can't wait to be able to hand you the third! I say easier, it is more so the peace of mind that you instill. Thank you.
Mr H, Landlord
Dove have provided me with an efficient and friendly service over the last 8+ years. They deal with every aspect of letting for you making it a completely stress-free experience. They're approachable, fast to respond and always happy to offer advice or recommendations, being as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. It's been wonderful to see the company grow and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of letting their property (or switching agents). Without them I wouldn't have time for my day job.
Miss K, Landlord
I've been talking to a lot of estate agents over the last few weeks and have to say that you have been by far the most helpful and professional person I have contacted, so thank you.
Steve, Rosedale Gardens, Tenant
I just wanted to email you and let you know that you have been a massive help over the past month. You always responded quickly and efficiently to my emails and I always felt comfortable even asking the most stupid questions. I am finally settling into my flat and very much enjoying it.

I would recommend Dove to other people but that is definitely down to the clear and helpful communication through you.

Thanks again,
Elsie, Walkley lane, Tenant
Another recommendation for Dove. They went well over and above for us recently helping when we unexpectedly ended up in Sheffield with nowhere to go (we moved from Canada and were meant to be in a hotel for 8 days before our tenancy started but the hotel shut due to COVID as we were en route there from Manchester - we checked before boarding our flights as well). Anyway, Dove went over and above to get us into our rental and redid all the paperwork within hours of our call. Followed up over several days and even left us a card and a bottle of bubbly in the fridge. We went from Manchester airport to their office whilst taking social distancing measures and collected the keys. Can’t recommend them more highly.
Tenant, Pinner Rd was good to deal with people who are honest and straightforward and keep to their word; qualities which, sadly, can no longer be taken for granted!
Mr L, Westbrook Bank, Landlord
Thank you for all your help, Dove and it’s colleagues has been outstanding and you’ve all been fantastic. How can I pass on words of appraisal to your management? Let me know and I shall proceed to do so.
James, The Dale, Tenant